We both grew up in Christian homes (Brett – Tallahassee, FL; Kara – Dallas, TX) and were redeemed by Christ at a young age. Growing up we took mission trips each summer, and the summer after our senior year of high school we attended the same mission trip. We ended up on the same crew working together to replace doors and windows for a widow in Anniston, Alabama. God brought us together in that one week and it changed the rest of our lives.

After Brett graduated with his Master’s of Science in mechanical engineering and Kara graduated with her Bachelors of Business Administration in marketing, we married and started our careers in Dallas, Texas. Through our involvement with cross-cultural ministries at Northwest Bible Church, God reminded us how he knit our lives together through serving him. The Lord moved in our hearts for overseas missions and brought Rehoboth Children’s Village in our path. God has ordained this move from the moment we first met serving on a mission trip and we are ecstatic to be answering his call.